Tutorial to Jailbreak Your Device Using Absinthe 2.0 (Mac)

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This is the tutorial to use absinthe 2.0 to jailbreak ios 5.1.1 on Mac OS X.Absinthe is the best tool jailbreak ios 5.1.1 on almost all idevices.The special thing about Absinthe is that its just one click to jailbreak,a process of hardly 5 min and most important is no need to put your idevice to DFU mode.

These are instructions on how to perform an untethered jailbreak of your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad on iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe for Mac.

Note: Do Backup your idevices data with itunes.


Step One
Download the latest version of Absinthe from here.

Step Two
Double click to mount the downloaded dmg and drag the Absinthe application to your desktop.

Double click to launch the Absinthe application from your desktop.

Step Three
As prompted, connect your device to the computer via USB. Make sure to remove any passcodes or VPN settings you’ve previously set.

Step Four
Click the Jailbreak button to begin

Step Five
The application will take you through several steps to jailbreak including: beginning jailbreak, sending initial jailbreak data, sending final jailbreak data, waiting for reboot, and waiting for process to complete.

Step Six
You will be informed that the jailbreak is ‘Done’.

Step Seven
In a few moments you will notice Cydia appear on your Springboard!

If you have any problems please retry the procedure on a device cleanly restored to iOS 5.1.1 (Remember to backup before restoring)

(steps via iClarified)