Tutorial to install Cracked iDevice Apps

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Download Recommended: [Winscp]

There are many methods but we found some easy methods for you all.Total 4 method we are going to tutor here.Lets not waste time further and show you the methods.

FIRST METHOD: (.deb & .ipa)

  • Create the folder: /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall using [iFile – Download from cydia]
  • Put .deb app(s) in folder: /AutoInstall [Using Winscp]
  • Reboot AND Respring

SECOND METHOD: (.deb & .ipa)

  • Download “Mobile Terminal” from Cydia
  • Copy .deb file(s) to: “var/mobile” via sFTP (cyberduck, winscp, iphonebrowser, etc…)
  • Open Mobile Terminal on the iphone
  • Type this command: su
  • When asked for the iphone password type: alpine
  • If you want to install all files type this command: dpkg -i *.deb
  • Respring

THIRD METHOD: (.deb & .ipa)

  • Install AppCake from Cydia through this source: http://cydia.iphonecake.com/ (AppCake 1.0 allows you to install .IPA and .DEB files directly from your
    iphone or from the net)
  • Copy .deb files into var/mobile/Media/AppCake/Upload [Using Winscp]
  • Open Appcake
  • Go to Task
  • Click the .deb or .ipa you transfered (or downloded)
  • Click install and voilà
  • When you close the application a respring is automatically performed and the installed app shows up in your springboard

Fourth Method: For people with WiFi: [Recommended]

  • Open Cydia.
  • Add this source to Cydia: http://cydia.hackulo.us
  • Search for AppSync in Cydia and install.
  • Reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to iTunes.
  • Install one free app from the iTunes Store.
  • Copy the cracked Apps/Games (.ipa files) into your iTunes Library (just drag and drop to the iTunes window).
  • Sync with your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Usefull Links Releted to This Topic : [How to Add Source to Cydia][How to Use Winscp]