[Tutorial] How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia Phone to iPhone 5

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If you have a Nokia and you have just got yourself a nice new iPhone 5 you will need to transfer your contacts across.


If your Nokia is on Symbian 60 or above, follow the first method. If not, go to the second one.

Google Sync :

Your Nokia phone must be capable of supporting Microsoft Mail exchange for this to work and you will need to download Google Sync onto both the Nokia and the iPhone 5:

  1. From your Nokia, open Mail Exchange and set it up using this guide

  2. On your iPhone 5, open Settings and then tap on Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

  3. Tap on Add Account and chose Microsoft Exchange

  4. Put in the details from your Google account

  5. Google Sync is now ready to start transferring your contacts, Tap on Sync

Import SIM Contacts

  1. On your Nokia, open up Contacts, Options, Mark All
  2. Now select Options, Copy, Copy Contacts and select SIM memory

  3. When all your contacts are saved to SIM, remove the SIM and place it in your iPhone

  4. Open Settings on your iPhone then tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendar and select Import SIM Contacts

Please note that the iPhone 5 requires a Micro SIM. You will need to cut your Nokia SIM to size using a Micro SIM cutting tool.


You will need to download ConCopy from the app store for $3.99. You will also need to install a Java ME MIDlet on your Nokia for this to work. This will allow all of your contacts to be uploaded and you can then use ConCopy to download them onto your new iPhone 5. ConCopy will neither delete or overwrite any of your existing contacts but you are limited to a maximum of 2 numbers per contact.