[Tutorial] How to Add Traditional Refresh Button to Google Chrome

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How to add traditional refresh button to Google Chrome:

The refresh/stop button in google chrome for iOS is a bit unorthodox.First open menu then tap refresh or stop button to perform a action.The thing here is that its quite frustrating sometimes.Today every application tries to finish the process in one step.But no worries for those who wants a single button for this process as jailbreak community has responded with a answer for this problem.

EasyRefresh for Chrome

EasyRefresh for Chrome – This is the answer.This is a jailbreak tweak that adds a traditional refresh button to google chrome for iOS.

Here is beautifully Video by iDB:

EasyRefresh for chrome is available for free on cydia from bigboss repo.There is no options or setting for this tweak, after installation it just adds a refresh/stop button next to your address bar into your chrome browser.

Let us know how it goes with this traditional method of refresh/stop or you are happy with the way chrome does things?