Remove Credit Card Info From iTunes

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Most of us gets worried when we’re using our credit cards online. Because, there’s the fear that our financial information might be stolen if this website was hacked or etc. Well, Here in this step by step tutorial you will learn how to remove credit card information from iTunes. Of course, iTunes is considered to be really secure, and is also being used by many people around the world every day for purchasing apps and music. However, this simple guide will show you how to remove credit card information from your iTunes account in the case of you being worried about your financial information security.


Follow this simple tutorial mentioned below, taking it step by step, for you to learn how you can remove credit card information from iTunes:


Step#1 First, Open iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step#2 Click on the tab named Store which is located in the left side of top bar. Roll down the menu and choose “View My Account”.

Step#3 iTunes will require you to submit your Apple ID and Password After you’ve entered successfully , you’ll be able to view your all the information about your account.

Step#4 Among the account information displayed, look for “Payment Information” and click on Edit.

Step#5 Then go to Please Select a Payment Method and from the roll down menu displayed choose None.

Step#6 Click on Done.
That’s all that needs to be done in order to remove credit card information from iTunes.