Jailbreak Tweak ‘Auxo’ Turns App Switcher Concept into Reality

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A few months ago we talked about this App Switcher concept, that puts the App Switcher into over drive. Thanks to jailbreak the concept is now a reality, dubbed as ‘Auxo’, the jailbreak tweak will be available via Cydia soon. The tweak changes the way the App Switcher works on the iOS! check out video below showing how the tweak works.

Jailbreak Tweak ‘Auxo’  Jailbreak Tweak ‘Auxo’ 1

Jailbreak Tweak ‘Auxo’ 2

There is no word on pricing yet.

The app switcher now displays elongated card-like icons that serve as a visual representation of their respective app.The playback controls page, accessible by swiping to the right, now shows more information about the media playing than before, while also sporting improved playback buttons (inspired by the new music app’s player design). 

The settings page (two swipes right), previously known as ‘the useless volume slider’ page, now features a useful brightness slider as well as settings toggles which, like the brightness slider, can be used as shortcuts to enable and disable system functions, previously only accessible through the settings app.

[Via ihackthatifone]