How to Unlock the iPhone Using UltraSn0w : Short Tutorial

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This tutorial will show you how to unlock your iPhone using UltraSn0w. Unlocking your iPhone will allow you to use your iphone with any cellphone carrier in the US and in the world, assuming they use SIM cards.

Unlock iPhone Guide:

First you have to jailbreak your iPhone. Read my RedSn0w tutorial on how to do that first. It should take about 10 minutes and it is a necessary step to be able to unlock your iPhone.

After jailbreaking your iPhone, follow these simple steps to install UltraSn0w:

  • Launch Cydia.
  • Add the following source to Cydia (note there is a “0″ in sn0w, not an “o”).
  • After installing this source in Cydia, search for “UltraSn0w”.
  • Install UltraSn0w and reboot your iPhone.

Enjoy your unlocked iphone,This is the short tutorial of unlocking your iphone.