[Tutorial] How to Set a Complex Alpha Numeric iPhone Passcode [Video]

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These are instructions on how to set up a complex alpha numeric passcode or password on your iPhone. You may want to follow these steps to enhance the security of your device and protect it from brute force attacks.

Tutorial Created by iClarified.com:

Step One:

Tap to launch the Settings app from your Springboard.

Step Two:

Choose Touch ID & Passcode from your Settings menu. If you’ve already set a passcode you may be asked to input your current PIN.


Step Three:

Toggle the Simple Passcode switch to the OFF position.

Step Four:

If you previously had a passcode set, you will be prompted to enter your old PIN before changing your passcode.

If you didn’t have a previous passcode set, tap the Turn Passcode On button.

Step Five:

Enter your new complex passcode. Using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols is recommended. Tap the Next button to continue.

Step Six:

Re-enter the passcode to confirm, then tap the Done button.

Step Seven:

You’ll now notice a new Passcode screen appear with a full keyboard when unlocking your device.