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Dear Readers, as you may already know or you may have heard or read it while surfing the web about Earning Money Online… Everyone feels excited to know more about earning online revenue, so they just click on whatsoever they are presented to them and 98% of them are real scams… Some demand money or donation in the form of registration (registered user) others are free but don’t pay users despite of taking their services or lure Viruses or Trojans and/or other Malware into users PC to steal sensitive information such as bank accounts, passwords, card numbers etc…
Note: Remember that, it’s not a get rich quick scheme… So don’t expect of getting rich within a few weeks. Although over a period of time, you may certainly…

Q: Can Real Income be Earned Online ?
A: Sure… There are some legit websites that really pays users of their hard work or smart work… The only difference between them is nature of income by which or what efforts, the users are paid for doing exactly what… Remember no one’s gonna pay you for nothing…  So, Let’s get started…!!! 

For Users, who don’t own any website or blog :

Below listed process requires 10 min per day per site or 15 min at the most for PTC sites.

Users, who don’t own any blog or website, they can earn revenue through PTC sites, such as Neobux.com and Trafficmonsoon. PTC stands for Paid To Click, this means that you’ll get paid for viewing/clicking on advertisements presented to you by PTC sites. Users have to just visit the site and click on any ads that are available. If you are a college student or if you have a good friend circle then, this is best for you to join Neobux.com. It’s payout rates are less but over the years, it had improved very much and now it provides many ads at least 15 to 25 ads per day against just 4 to hardly 5 ads as compared to two years ago, but this site really pays it’s users. So, you can trust on this…

Note: It’s in your best favor to join under someone and have them as your sponsor because of the limitations for direct referrals. Free users can have only 30 direct referrals but if someone joins under your sponsor and your sponsor is already having 30 direct referrals, then the newly joined member will join as rented referral.. Who ever rents them..

1. Neobux: Neobux is the most trusted and paying PTC site on web. Like google’s adsense, Neobux policies are also strict. You need to be a active user for atleast 15 days inorder to become eligible for Direct Referrals and Upgrade options. Click all the ads for atleast 30 days so as to generate some NeoPoints for yourself, thereafter you are free to click just the Yellow (Golden) Coloured 4 (Four) Ads displayed on lower side of advertisements page.(Remember to click those 4 yellow ads as compulsory, otherwise you won’t be counted as active click member even if you click all the other remaining ads Purple & Green, though Blue ones and Standard + Extended Green Ones do count). You can boost your earnings with Neobux by selecting offers tab and selecting MiniJob, if available at that time for your region, or you can try other offers such as NeoPoints and NeoCoins offers. You can also rent referrals (pack of 3 Min) earning you $0.005 per click * 4 ads * 3 Refs.= $0.06 per day * 30 = $1.8 per month.. You’ll have 15-20 ads daily at $0.001 per ad = $0.017 per day approx. minimum.

Neobux – Earned in a period of 35 days from Joining

NOTE: Don’t fall for any Scam for any advert you view whether it may be offering you Direct Referrals at Cheap Rates or any other purchase that relates to something like boosting your Income with neobux, neobux strategy guide, paypal booster etc. or You’ll loose your hard earned money for sure… Join under me and I’ll give you Free guidance on what to do & not to do, to Succeed with Neobux without having you to purchase my any e-books etc that gives you just success stories of owner but don’t reveal the way…

Q: Why PTC sites pays you for clicking ?
A: They exchange money for clicks (Web traffic) for Webmaster who have bought Advertising. Because Webmasters need online traffic for their site (users who visit site), so they pay for advertising their sites or business to get exposure… In return, PTC sites pays you.

For Webmaster – If you own a Website or Blog …

Webmasters can monetize their Websites or Blogs in many ways. The Best and easy way to earn is to host ads on your site. Google’s Adsense is the Best way to get your website monetized for traffic but if Google Adsense program isn’t approving your application for some reasons, then you can try it’s alternatives. There are many alternatives to Google Adsense such as Infolinks, Chitika, AdHitzetc. You can google for more alternatives, but i’ll stay with these four only..
This way you can easily earn good revenue if you have good traffic but if you don’t have high pageviews per day or your website/blog is young, then it can take some time to kick start your revenue.
You may also try these add-on methods listed here under to boost your revenue earning:

  • Host your site’s exit/destination Links to Link Monetizing domains – Hotlink your destination/exit links to Link Monetizing domains. That’ll convert your URL’s into ad sponsored Links. You’ll be able to shrink your long URL’s to short ones, plus you’ll earn revenue every time someone clicks on your monetized links… You may have already seen on many sites about link monetizing domains such as Adf.lyLinkbucksAdfoc.ustny.cz etc.

Note: Remember tny.cz pays for visitors of 3 Countries only i.e. US, UK & Canada… Based on my personal experience, Adfoc.us is highy recommended because of high pay rates per 1000 view and Adf.ly (Huge pay rates per 1000 views) as an alternative. if it’s blocked in your country/region use https: before the link …

Remember not to create ad-loops (linking already monetized link with other monetizing domain such as hosting http://adfoc.us/15xxxxxx on Adf.ly domain). This loop will no doubt double your earnings, but you may lose your visitors because this may annoy or piss them off…