friendskart Powercube 2 USB Port With 4 Socket (Green) Mobile Charger(Green)

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Price : INR 1099

Socket Multiplier:In most kitchens, countertops are covered with various appliances, from blenders to coffee makers, but lack enough outlets. With the PowerCube |Original USB| plugged into one socket, you gain five additional sockets. From toasters to microwaves, your kitchen will be stocked with power.No Blockage:The world would be a better, more efficient place, if the devices we use had compact plugs. Unfortunately, most of our technological accessories come with bulky adaptors that cover adjacent sockets, wasting an entire outlet, but our uniquely designed PowerCube |Original USB to avoid outlet blockage, keeping things easy and efficient.No Messy Cords:Living rooms are often swarming with wires and tangled TV cords. A lack of outlets leads people to daisy chain power strips together, creating an unpleasant looking and potentially hazardous situation. You can avoid this mess with the PowerCube |Original USB|, which allows power cords to combine into one compact solution.Duo-Charging:The PowerCube |Original USB| comes with dual high-power USB ports (2.1A) that allow charging two devices at the same time, including smartphones and tablet computers (like the iPhone and iPad). The charging time will be shorter than charging via a USB port on your notebook.Building Blocks:The PowerCube is modular: you can create the setup you prefer by connecting multiple PowerCubes together on your desktop for increased functionality. It allows for cubes to be stacked accommodating your desired amount of outlets, creating a tailored source of power.

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