Maharaja Whiteline Classico DI-109 Dry Iron

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Price : INR 399

There’s no reason to look shabby when you have this Classico dry iron to help smooth creases out from your washed laundry. Just One Glide This dry iron operates on a power of 1000 W. Just one glide of this iron over your clothes is enough to rid them of crinkles. It’s that easy. Non-stick Soleplate This lightweight iron has a non-stick soleplate which ensures the complete safety of your clothes. Thanks to this soleplate, the iron does not stick to your clothes and damage them even when it is heated. Adjustable Temperature Control The iron’s temperature control knob can be adjusted according to the type of fabric you’re ironing. ISI Certified The ISI mark certifies the high quality and reliable performance of this iron.

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