Aikner AK D4G Data Card

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Price : INR 2298

What this product does: Aikner AIK-4D is a 4G/LTE Wi-Fi dongle (Wingle). All you need to do is insert a sim card of your choice, as it is UNLOCKED and then the device is ready to use. The best feature about the AIK-4D is that it has a lightning fast download speed reaching up to 100 Mbps (Megabit Per Second) so it is not just your average device. A perfect companion if you travel to work in long distances, Use the Dongle Mifi with up to 10 different Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, iPhones, smartphones, iPad, tablets and gaming consoles etc. Wherever you are, enjoy your instant connection to the Internet. Fast Connection A secure download speed of 100 Mbps and a fast upload speed of 50 Mbps allowing you to stream or download videos and films in no time! Travel Travelling to a different country and have no access to Internet connection? Purchase a Huawei AIK-4D and you will have no problem connecting to the Internet abroad. All you need to do is buy a data sim card from the local area you will be staying in, connect, then there you go Internet access on holiday or from home. Wi-Fi in your Car Plug your Wingle into the cars cigarette charger (you will need a car adapter) then you have immediate Wi-Fi in your vehicle. Wingle This Aikner Wingle is not like any other dongle. Normally you can only connect to one Wi-Fi device with a USB Port. Now, you can plug it in and use up to 10 devices of your choice instead of one! So it acts as a dongle and a Mobile Router! Suited best for students or travellers, as it does the same job as a Hotspot, but is small enough to carry in your pocket. Plug the Wingle into a usb port charger to use as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Design The Wingle has a stylish and slim frame, taking no space in your bag. With its compact design, it would be hard to damage. Colour Available: White Warranty :- 1 Year Memory Capacity :- Up to 32 Gb Memory Card Slot Support :- Micro Sd Sms Support :- Yes Phone Book Support :- Yes Power Source :- USB

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