Tintin : Flight 714 To Sydney

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The 22nd part of the canonical series, Tintin Flight 714 To Sydney is a graphic comic novel that blends adventure and humor with an interesting plot. The story is about Tintin’s plane trip to Sydney and all the things that go wrong on the way. It is considered a unique volume of the franchise due to the inclusion of paranormal influences and science fiction. Summary Of The Book The Adventures Of Tintin is one of the most famous European comic book series by Herge. Tintin, the hero the tales set in the 20th century, is a Belgian reporter. Originally written in French, all the Tintin comics have been translated into over 70 languages across the world. The series that started in 1929 as a comic strip in a Belgian newspaper’s children’s supplement, turned out to release 24 stand alone albums owing to Tintin’s popularity among children and young adults. In Tintin Flight 714 To Sydney, Tintin’s adventure begins when he, along with his friends, Professor Calculus and Captain Haddock, take a plane to Sydney to attend a conference on space exploration. Its during a pit stop in Jakarta that they meet Laszlo Carreidas, an eccentric millionaire and an aircraft industrialist, and innocently accept his offer to continue the rest of their journey in his personal jet. As Tintin’s entourage proceeds on the jet ride, they find out about the crew’s plan to kidnap Carreidas and also become a part of the venomous hijack. They then meet Rastapopoulos, the evil mastermind behind the plan who keeps them imprisoned in a deserted island prone to volcanic eruptions. The rest of the book is an intriguing journey where Tintin leads his team with the help of a telepathic voice, loses Snowy and comes across many challenges including an earthquake and a volcano. The author keeps intertwined the elements of humor and action without compromising on the art, while the book offers fascinating bits on telepathy and space travel. About Herge Herge was the pen name of Georges Prosper Remi, a Belgian comic writer and cartoonist. Some of his other works include Totor, Quick And Flupke, The Adventures Of Tom And Millie and Mr. Bellum. Herge was born in 1907 in Etterbeek, Brussels. After his initial schooling, he studied at Saint-Boniface, where his affinity for drawing blossomed despite the lack of formal training. His first published work was a strip in his school’s Scout Paper in 1922. Herge began his career with Le XXe Siècle. Ligne Claire, his exclusive drawing style, and The Adventures Of Tintin have ever since kept him on the list of one of the top cartoonists on 20th century. Several parts of the Tintin series have featured on TV, radio and films. In addition to the Adamson Award, the Light of Truth Award and others, Remi was also inducted in 2003 to the Eisner Award Hall of Fame.

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