T-Mobile Offers Sprint Customers $200 Per Line to Switch

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T-Mobile is offering Sprint customers $200 per line they switch to the carrier, no trade-in required, as part of its month of holiday gift giving.

For those on Sprint’s Unlimited LTE plans, there’s never been a better time to come to the Un-carrier with T-Mobile’s lowest price for Unlimited LTE ever – just $45 per line for a family of four! And Sprint customers still qualify for T-Mobile’s Carrier Freedom and up to $650 or more per line to cover Sprint’s early termination fees (ETFs) or the balance owed on your Sprint phone plan, with phone trade-in when you switch your number to T-Mobile.

“I cannot think of any wireless customers in more desperate need of some holiday cheer than those Sprint customers still hanging on over there,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “Those poor people have put up with the nation’s slowest and smallest LTE network, and their carrier throwing out a deal-of-the-month for everyone except them. We know Sprint’s customers love T-Mobile when they switch, so this holiday season, we’re taking away every barrier and cost to coming over to the Un-carrier and America’s fastest 4G LTE network. Happy holidays!”

To qualify for the offering, switch any Sprint number – including postpaid, prepaid, Boost and Virgin Mobile – over to a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan starting this Thursday, November 26 and you’ll automatically get a $200 credit on your bill.

That’s $200 multiplied by as many lines as you switch. For a family of four, that could mean $800 extra, and for a business with 10 employees, we’re talking about a $2,000 credit!

T-Mobile previously announced a gift of unlimited LTE data for three months for its Simple Choice customers.

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