Apple Watch Hacked to Run ‘Finder’, UIKit, SceneKit Apps [Video]

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Apple Watch Hacked to Run ‘Finder’, UIKit, SceneKit Apps [Video]:

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has hacked the Apple Watch to run a Finder-like file browser app. The developer tweeted a video demo of his accomplishment earlier today.

My [Nano]FileBrowser app running on Apple Watch natively (as modeled by @b3ll)
Notably, Troughton-Smith, along with Adam Bell and Jay Freeman (saurik), were able to spend some time hacking on the Apple Watch this week and managed to get native UIKit and SceneKit apps running on the smartwatch.

So… spent a night hacking with @b3ll (& @saurik!) – we got UIKit (& SceneKit) apps running on Apple Watch (video)

No word yet on how the developers managed to do this and it doesn’t look like we’ll learn any additional details until after watchOS 2.0 is released.

Don’t expect technical details re … anytime soon; all in good time! I’d like it to continue to work post watchOS 2

Troughton-Smith says he picked SceneKit for the hack because it’s something that you can’t do with WatchKit.

“I picked SceneKit as a specific example of something you can’t do through WatchKit. Also because I love SceneKit, as you all should!”

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