Analyst: Apple Has Sold 7 Million Apple Watches, Shipped 2.5 Million

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Analyst: Apple Has Sold 7 Million Apple Watches, Shipped 2.5 Million:

Global Equities Research Analyst Trip Chowdhry claims that Apple has sold over 7 million Apple Watches and has shipped about 2.5 million of those orders, according to a note released to investors today. According to the report, Apple could ship nearly 40 million units by the end of 2015.
Chowdhry noted that demand for the Apple Watch “continues to get stronger.” Specifically, Chowdhry claimed that:

● World-wide Apple Watch orders stand at over 7 Million units; of which, Apple has now shipped about 2.5 Million.
● Apple should easily ship more than 5 Million Apple Watches by June 30, 2015.
● Apple Watch Applications from SAP, IBM, Oracle, and Zoho will be driving Apple Watches into the Enterprise.
● Apple is on track to deliver 40 million to 42 million Apple Watches at $575 ASP by end of CY2015; 2015 is shaping to become “Apple Watch Christmas.”

The stats are based on “various tracking methods developers use, which have an accuracy of more than 85%,” Chowdhry claimed. The ‘system’ used to track these stats reportedly factors lots of different data and has historically been quite accurate.

While Apple has not released any data on the volume of sales or orders for the device, executives claim demand has been fantastic. Other analysts believe Apple is only receiving 30,000 orders a day.

Notably, the Apple Watch is still sold exclusively through Apple Online, but the company is on track to begin taking orders for the device in retail stores sometime in June.

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Sold 7 Million Apple Watches