Geek Watch App Turns Your Apple Watch Into a Casio Calculator Watch

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Geek Watch is a new app that turns your Apple Watch into an old-school calculator watch.

Dude! Check out this rad calculator watch that allows you to unlock totally tubular stuff by upside-down typing, playing with the stopwatch, or whatever. Download now to join Marty McFly, Sting, Dwight Schrute, Walter White, and many other pop geek icons by sporting a calculator on your wrist.

– Solve killer math problems on your Apple Watch
– Unlock fly items by using your nerd skills
– Use your runner’s arm band for iPhone down on your wrist
– Challenge your friends to a game of “Who Can Start and Stop the Stopwatch Fastest” on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Unlockable Features:
– 9 bodacious watch models
– Infiniglo – wicked cool electroluminescent display
– Totally boss old-school side light
– 4 gnarly background images
– More awesomeness to come…

You can purchase Geek Watch from the App Store for $0.99.

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Casio Calculator Watch Casio Calculator Watch