Apple to Upgrade iPhone 6s Camera With 12MP Sony RGBW Sensor?

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Apple to Upgrade iPhone 6s Camera With 12MP Sony RGBW Sensor?:

A new report from says that Apple is planning to upgrade the camera on the next generation iPhone 6s with a 12MP Sony RGBW sensor.

The “RGBW Coding” function adds W (White) pixels to the conventional range of RGB (Red-Green-Blue) pixels for higher sensitivity, enabling high-quality shooting with low noise even in dark indoor or night settings.

Sony notes that typically the addition of W (White) pixels improves sensitivity, but has the problem of degrading image quality. However, their device technology and signal processing realizes superior sensitivity without hurting image quality.

While the individual pixels of the Sony models are extremely minute at 1.12μm, the incorporation of the “RBGW Coding” function has realized a SN ratio (signal-to-noise ratio) equivalent to that of a unit pixel size of 1.4μm under conventional methods, which in turn has enables the image sensors to achieve a higher resolution at a more compact size.

Notably, this falls in line with a recent IHS report that said the next generation ‘iPhone 6s’ could be the first iPhone to pack a 12-megapixel camera, but the pixel size will be smaller.

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12MP Sony RGBW Sensor