Leaked Rear Shell of iPad Mini 4? [Video]

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Leaked Rear Shell of iPad Mini 4: Video

Photos and video of an alleged rear shell of iPad mini 4 have been posted online by Nowhereelse.fr. The site obtained the images from a source that ‘could not be more trustworthy’ and provided reliable information in the past.

As expected, the iPad mini gains the new aesthetic features of the iPad Air 2. It has two rows of ten holes for the speaker and the lock switch has disappeared in favor of a tiny microphone hole. It’s hard to tell if the rear shell is significantly thinner than the current generation; however, it would make sense to bring the iPad mini closer inline with the iPad Air.

Take a look at the photos and video below for more details. At this point, Apple’s target release date is unclear. You can follow BWA on Twitter, Facebook, Google+RSS or Subscribe US for updates.

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Rear Shell of iPad Mini 4 Rear Shell of iPad Mini 4 Rear Shell of iPad Mini 4 (image 3)
iPad Mini 4 (image 4) iPad Mini 4 (image 5)