Apple is Reportedly Working on a Glasses-Free 3D iPhone Display

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Apple is dealing with a glasses-free 3d display for the following iPhone, as per Taiwan’s Economic Daily News by means of Gforgames.

Sources refered to by the Taiwanese media have as of late suggested that the following iphone will utilize a glassless 3d display, or at any rate that Apple is looking into this thought. Likewise, these sources guarantee that Apple is also anticipating making a 3d “hardware and software ecosystem”. We don’t comprehend what hardware ecosystem means (VR?) yet a software ecosystem without a doubt makes sense if this sort of tech is to be more than a trick.

The glasses-free 3d display can’t be manufacturered with in-cell touch engineering. Therefore, Apple is allegedly thinking over to TPK to produce new displays with 3d. It’s said that TPK is as of now orchestrating financing should it get a request from Apple.

While 3d interfaces (Amazon Fire Phone) have yet to take off, Apple has been investigating them. One patent reveals that Apple is dealing with a 3d Graphical User Interface for ios devices that will work with nearness sensor arrays and will respond to drifting gestures. An alternate patent entitled ‘Working with 3d objects’ describes techniques and systems that support producing, changing, and controlling 3d objects using 3d gesture inputs.

Do you think Apple should pursue a 3d display for the iphone 6s? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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