300 Bent iPhone 6 Devices [Video]

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A new site called ‘One of the Nine’ is collecting photos of bent iPhone 6 devices in an attempt to demonstrate that there is a real issue with the device and to get Apple to take responsibility for the problem.

We are most definitely not anti-Apple though and I am a massive Apple product user myself and an iPhone 6 Plus owner (yes… it bent). We are raising awareness of the issue to get Apple to take responsibility for the problems. Currently they are rejecting most customers who complain about a bent phone and calling them liars when they state that it happened through carrying it normally in their pockets.

Our aim at the moment is to get a consistent reply from Apple on what customers should expect when they visit an Apple store with a bent iphone. At the moment it is completely arbitrary depending on the store and manager you get. Many have been replaced but more have been turned away or charged massive amounts for a replacement. If that is achieved then we’d like to see a real admission from Apple about whether the problem is a design flaw.

The site has also posted a video that shows 300 iPhones which have bent. Apple previously said that only 9 customers had complained about bending issues, although that was quite some time ago.

Currently, 332 customers have posted photos of their bent iPhone 6. You can check out the site or add your iPhone to the list at the link below…

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