Progress To Release Jailbreak For iOS 6

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Couple of weeks back, pod2G – iOS jailbreak hacker extraordinaire had said at the WorldWide Jailbreak Convention (WWJC) that they didn’t have a jailbreak iOS 6 yet.

At the Hack in the Box security conference, pod2g admitted that iOS 6 so far has him stumped. “At the moment, I’m kind of stuck … but it could change in a week,” said Cyril. “It’s luck, I think.” 

But planetbeing revealed that they had couple of kernet exploits, which could be used for the jailbreak“We still have a few tricks up our sleeves,” Wang said.

“It’s very engrossing. It’s kind of like doing a very complicated Sudoku or a crossword but it’s like 10 times harder. It’s just entertaining to be able to use your brain in that way. It’s really the only reason I do it.” 

Macworld reports that MuscleNerd also admitted that the jailbreak so far is like a delicate houes of cards.

“We think we have something that’s working under a certain set of conditions.” But before the final jailbreak is released, “it’s a very technical, very boring set of steps” that need to be taken to make a more refined user experience. “The overall technique works,” he said. “We think we have the flow for it.” 

Macworld also reports that Mark Dowd, founder of Azimuth Security and his colleague Tarjei Mandt successfully installed Cydia on an iOS6 device using a kernel-mode exploit at the HITBSecConf.

They didn’t use a method that could be applicable for the jailbreaking effort, however: Azimuth used its own custom-designed debugging application installed on an iPhone to deliver the kernel exploit, Dowd said. 

Not surprisingly, Apple has mitigated many weakness with iOS 6 and has made it a lot more difficult to jailbreak it.

“All the previous techniques that have been used have basically been made for the most part useless,” Dowd said. “But there’s still room to move and its still possible to exploit the kernel in iOS6, but the bar has definitely been raised.” 

Pod2g is Quite confident that they will be able to find something in the next few weeks that will help them release the jailbreak for iOS 6.

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