Soon be possible to downgrade iOS through Redsn0w

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Anyone using any iphone will be aware of jailbreaking.he would be doing it every now and then after updating firmware.any the person jailbreaking iphone should be surely aware of redsn0w.It is certainly one of the best jailbreaking utility for version releases when new verion of ios is released.Redsn0w produces jailbreaking tool to upgrade the iOS but this is not the case this time.redsn0w declared that their team is working on a hack that could downgrade their iOS.

This will be the tool for those who upgraded iPhone to version 5.1 or 5.1.1.Those who have updated their firmware bymistake can now once again get the iOS 5.0.1.However, those that have received their iPhone in the latest OS version might actually have trouble downgrading as this method requires the user to have saved their SHSH blobs.