Basebands Unlockable With UltraSn0w and Gevey Sim [01-March-2012]

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Before Understanding this you should know something about jailbreaking and unlocking.To know about jailbreaking visit this link [external link] and to know about unlocking visit [external link]. More : [difference between jailbreaking and unlocking.].Learn to Unlock idevice with ultrasn0w following this link.

In short jailbreaking means free your idevice to use the full functions of your device:

examples: winterboard,sbsettings,etc. this apps are developed by hackers.

And unlocking means enjoy any carrier on any iphone in any area of the world:

examples: even your iphone is purchased from US u can enjoy the same in other part like india,china or any other country.thnx to the hacker who created ultrasn0w.

Unlocking can be done in two ways : through Hardware crack called “Gevey Sim” and software crack called “ultrasn0w”.In this tutorial we will inform you about which idevice,firmwares and basebands will be compitable with which UltraSn0w version:

Lets get started:


I: iPad baseband needed then use ultrasn0w
U: Use Ultrasn0w
G: Gevey Sim
GSM: At&t and other company’s that rely on sim cards

Unlockable :
1.0.11 iPhone 4s G GSM
1.0.13 iPhone 4s G GSM
1.0.14 iPhone 4s G GSM
I’m not sure if the Gevey Sim also works for verizon and sprint iPhone‘s
1.59.00 iPhone 4 U/G
2.10.04 iPhone 4 G
3.10.01 iPhone 4 G
4.10.01 iPhone 4 G
5.11.07 3Gs I/U
5.12.01 3Gs I/U
5.13.04 3Gs I/U
6.15.00 3Gs U

Convert-able + Unlockable :
5.14.02 Convert-able to 6.15.00 3Gs
5.15.04 Convert-able to 6.15.00 3Gs
5.16.00 Convert-able to 6.15.00 3Gs
5.16.01 Convert-able to 6.15.00 3Gs
5.16.02 Convert-able to 6.15.00 3Gs

NOT Unlockable “YET”
4.11.08 iPhone 4

What is Baseband :
For the iPhone, baseband refers to a specific piece of software code that controls the mobile and radio communications portion of the iPhone‘s functionality. This runs on a standalone chip which is designed with a (more strict) security model that restricts unauthorised code execution. Simply jailbreaking your phone is not enough to bypass this baseband cpu security model – this is why only specific versions of baseband can be unlocked (with these versions, a way has been found to bypass the security model and execute unsigned code).

Questions : :spinme

  • How to unlock if you have the right BB ?
    Using Ultrasn0w by going into Cydia > Search > Ultrasn0w > Install then reboot .
  • If I have the newer baseband that are not Unlockable what should I do ?
    Well first of all you are screwed 😉 Just kidding, you have 2 options :
  1. Wait for Dev-Team to hack them ( Only GOD knows when ) 
  2. Buy a GEVEY SIM PRO that costs 35$ ( Lots of us did ) to my understanding all iPhone 4s have sim cards but I’m not sure if the Gevey sim will unlock the verizon or sprint iPhone.

Note : Also, people must realize that going to the iPad baseband of 6.15.00 cannot be reversed or undone and will void your warranty forever. It has also been known to cause GPS not to work. Be advised before you install that baseband. ”Sparksman”


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